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    Ltd Qingdao Xinmao ZT Temir qurilish Co.,

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Kompaniya Yangiliklar

  • 08-14-2019
    2019 World Architecture Awards The Structural Awards, initiated by The Institution of Structural Engineers in 1968, recognizes outstanding and creative structural architects and demonstrates the most cutting-edge engi...
  • 07-19-2019
    Area :5315 square meter Size:96m*50m*7.5m Project overvuew: Steel frame with mezzanine ; roof and wall material are glass wool and steel sheet .
  • 05-14-2019
    Project ro'yxati Show Nigeriya Chelik Tuzilishi parranda uy Uchastka maydoni: 5400㎡, qurilish vaqti: 10 oy, yetkazib beruvchi: Qingyun Xinmao Chelik Tuzilishi Co., Ltd
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